iPhone 6 Plus order stuck still processing?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Bauer-uTc, Sep 18, 2014.

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    FAO Maflynn

    I posted my question in a separate thread as the UK thread moves on a few pages quickly with people talking about their shipping etc. I have an order query question hence the new thread about my issues so would appreciate if you would not lock my thread this time.

    Many thanks,


    I placed an order on launch day at 0833 for a Six Plus 16gb.

    Order went through successfully. Since then my order has been processing and still is processing as of 1230 on the 18th. I have ordered many iPhone's and iPads at launch and know the drill, At some stage order should move to preparing for dispatch and then if its a Friday launch we all get our dispatched emails on Wednesday at around 1800 onwards. Now i live in the Highlands of Scotland so i never get my orders till the following Monday which is fine as i know they are on route.

    Woke up today and order was still processing and no dispatch email from Apple.

    Just been on the Phone to Apple for half an hour and the chap on the phone said it seems strange as everything seems to be in place. He said he would have to raise it to a higher level. Chap said these people sort out issues like this and that he would pop me on hold and pass on all the details.

    He gets back to me asking have i had any emails from Apple saying there has been an issue with my order to which i replied no. He pops me back on hold and then comes back and says The guys above me know everything order related and they are saying if the order is saying 19/9 then you will be receiving the phone. He said its unusual, But he has been told that as 4 million have been ordered some people are in the same boat as me and there orders are stuck on processing but will delivered on the date if you have not heard otherwise.

    I said i still find it strange that i have no tracking etc but he simply said don't worry about it the powers above have said its fine and not to worry about it.

    Now i will be left guessing till Monday as thats when i normally receive my Apple launch products due to being in the Highlands.

    I have a bad feeling that i am going to be iPhone 6 Plussless come Monday.

    Anyone else ever had an issue like this with an Apple Launch product?
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    Aug 12, 2014
    I've seen a number of threads like this in the past few days and everyone usually says you're going to be fine. I wouldn't worry that it won't ship - could be just something as stupid as they didn't scan it or they're just behind. Since you talked to Apple on the phone and they said everything looks okay on their end, I'd be a little more at ease. That said, keep calling and badgering them until you get a more definitive answer you're looking for.
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    Oct 19, 2012
    Looks like there is just a backlog of orders that have yet to be updated on apple's order status page, but as far as I am aware you should be fine.
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    Ok cheers for the replies, Out of curiosity i have just logged back into my Apple account to be greeted by this!


    Now the date has slipped to the 24th which is next Wednesday?

    This was my original date.


    I am now starting to think their was an issue with my order and they have only just noticed a problem after my phone call to them this morning, Hence the reason the shipping date has slipped by a few days. It will be interesting to see if it finally moves to preparing for dispatch or better still shipped!

    I don't mind waiting a couple of extra days i am just happy that i am finally seeing some progress in my account. Fingers crossed and thanks for the replies and also for not locking this thread. My questions were simply getting lost in the UK shipped thread.

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