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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by syphern, Sep 19, 2014.

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    Coming from a nexus 5 here is why I think all these posts about "its too big" etc are incorrect.

    1. The 6+ is not a phone but a phablet. It's ment to be big. People who bought it thinking oh since it's the biggest its the best attitude need to reevaluate why they bought this. It's big for a reason as it caters for a different type of market.

    2. Landscape view and browsing websites games movies and Netflix makes the 6+ in my opinion the ultimate device. That's what I use my phone for anyway. Apple took that into account and boosted the resolution on this thing to make things like that more enjoyable compared to a 4.7inch. In comparison the 4.7 inch is an all rounder and the next step in the iPhone line the 6+ is not... hence its catered to that select group of people who don't just want a phone resolution but near a tablet in their pocket.

    3. The reason I went with a nexus 5 after my iPhone 5 was the size of the screen. But given that I use my phone as a portable computer more the 6+ is perfect for me. The 4.7inch would have been too small.

    Please keep the above factors in mind. iPhone 6+ is not a normal iPhone. It's for people who want a large screen which gives maximum pleasure in multimedia etc. if you are looking for an all rounder the iPhone 6 is the best one as its more pocketable and portable. Don't think that because it's a bigger size it's the greatest iPhone... It's not... It's all about what you use it for. Be informed before you buy people.
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    Thank goodness we have you here to educate us.
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    There was a time when an SUV wasn't a normal vehicle...
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    But were there forums for SUV buyers and compact car buyers to argue about who was right and who was wrong?
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    I've read these forums through every launch since the 3G and this has far and away been the most obnoxious one.
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    Lotta free time today I take it?

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