iPhone 6 Plus Safari mobile view instead of desktop view?


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Apr 23, 2004
I realized today while comparing phones that because the plus is bigger it displays web pages in desktop view like tablets. The problem is that it's still quite small compared to a tablet so the page/text looks very small. Can the Plus be made to display in mobile view or is it purely the fault of the site detecting the plus as a tablet/desktop?


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Sep 29, 2014
Mine defaults to the mobile site. I can request the desktop version but its not default.


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Apr 23, 2004
When I was trying out the Plus at Apple the sites like Yahoo Japan were displaying in desktop view and it was really ugly. Looked like regular desktop pages crammed into a Plus browser.

Is there a way to force mobile view?

Maybe Yahoo just defaulted to that and I should look for a mobile version button on their home page?


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Oct 14, 2007
I was hoping for a toggle to allow a person to default Desktop view.

So a personal choice could be made.

Feedback sent to Apple but who knows if it'll ever happen.


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Aug 3, 2010
Upstate NY
Here's the problem.

Some websites give you a mobile view by looking at the browser, so in this case they see mobile safari and give you a mobile view. This is how the "Request Desktop Site" toggle works, they make it look like it's coming from desktop safari and bam, now you have the desktop version.

Lately however, sites are starting to use responsive designs, which means that the browser doesn't matter, only the resolution of the device. The site then responds to the size. You can simulate this on a desktop by going to the site and dragging your browser to be really small. The site should respond accordingly and give you what is basically the mobile version. Really it's just better designed for the screen that it's now showing on. This isn't something that Apple can directly get around by faking the user agent.