iPhone 6 Plus Spigen Screen Protectors don't fit?

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by -Knight-, Sep 20, 2014.

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  2. Narg macrumors member

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    I've purchased 4 different screen protectors via Amazon so far and all of them have extremely poor fit for the iPhone 6 (plus in my case) screen. They do cover, but just barely making them extremely hard to align. I don't understand why they don't fit right to the edge of the top of the curve on the screen?!?! That way they'd be easier to align and more protective. Hopefully we'll see some improvement here very soon.
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    This has been addressed by multiple companies already. Due to the curved screen, the protectors (dry ones especially) will have issues of adhering to the screen if they went edge to edge and eventually cause a lot of headaches for these companies because everyone would be complaining that their protector doesn't "stick" properly.

    That's why they cover only the screen area because it's "flat" and shouldn't have issues with peeling off.
  4. wxman2003 Suspended

    Apr 12, 2011
    iCarez HD is the only one I have found to be decent. Not great, but decent. Slightly larger than Spigen at 1/3rd the cost. With the curved edges of the iPhone, excellent fitting glass or dry application screen protectors will likely not exist.
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    NO! That is B.S. They are just trying to cover their mistake. There is still more "flat" screen left around the protector once it's on the screen. With the fit they have now, if you are not looking directly at the screen perfectly you see the edge of the protector on the screen. There is still more room, and they can be made larger without going into the curved area.


    I'm using an iCares right now. It is a good screen protector and installation is awesome. However, it does not fit perfectly. It also aligns directly on top of the edge of the visible area, making alignment hard, and even perfectly aligned, you see the edge on the screen if you tilt the phone even the slightest. Seems to me that a .1mm extra edge on these screen protectors would still meet the excuses of the makers of these protectors by not getting on the curved area and cover the visible area perfectly too.
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    Not really. That's actually the problem with some of the protectors, such as the Zagg Glass. If you try to push them right to the edge, you would have to put it on with ultra precision otherwise an edge will end up hanging over the curve of the glass.

    I'm using the Spigen crystal for right now. It's decent enough, in that it's pretty much like all the other protectors right now. A compromise.

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