iPhone 6 Plus Straight as an arrow!

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by stevewil131, Sep 25, 2014.

  1. stevewil131 macrumors newbie

    Sep 23, 2014
    Fort Worth Texas
    I am a first time poster to MR, and a long time reader. Only posting because I am tired of having to sort through all the bent threads to find anything. Come on folks. Do you really buy this crap? I have a pretty good gut feeling that sooner or later everyone will find out that 99% of this bendgate is coming from other phone manufacturer(s). There sure are a lot of folks buying it. I am an IT analyst that works ten-hour days with my Plus in my front pocket. Every night I ride my bike several miles. Since buying the Plus, I have logged 72 miles on my bicycle on runkeeper. I carry it right there in my front pants pocket. Just to be sure, I placed my phone on a glass table with the Apple leather case removed, and guess what?????? Its not bent. Can you believe that? I think this is all about jealousy from other manufacturers and lovers of other phones. I am coming from an HTC one, and a 4S before that. I buy what I like best when my upgrade comes around. You all need to quit worrying and enjoy your phones. Don’t be an idiot and put in in your back pocket and sit on it. You bet your @ss it will bend, as will most other 5 inch plus devices. I have no loyalty to Apple or Android, but I sure do believe Apple is getting a bad rap due to rumors and lies. Sorry for the long rant.åå
  2. lke macrumors 6502a

    Jun 19, 2009
    The bend issue appear also with the iphone 5 and after some months nobody care.

    I think that the bend issue will not affect Apple, you will see tomorrow when the iphone is on sale in more countries that there will be long lines as always.

    It is important that users like you post that there is no issue at all with the iphone 6 +

    Also I think that the bend issue will make Apple change their mind and build phones with new materials like liquidmetal or reinforce the aluminum case.
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    They sold like millions of phones. 9 users reported bent phones, some of them bent intentionally.

    Imagine if everyone who didn't have a bent phone posted here.
  4. Korican100 macrumors 6502a


    Oct 9, 2012
    dude are you for the iphone 6 plus, or against it? just in the other thread you were saying how much it bends.

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