iPhone 6 Plus - Switching Between Front & Rear Microphones

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    Jul 24, 2015
    Hi Mac Community,

    I often use my iPhone 6 Plus for vlogging, constantly switching between the front and rear cameras. I noticed that the 6 Plus also has two microphones that are activated depending on which camera is recording. For instance, when the front camera is recording, the front microphone is active. When the rear camera is recording, the rear microphone is active.

    The above seems logical. However, for vlogging, quite often you use the rear camera while you speak into the front of the device (and the front microphone is inactive by default). The problem with this scenario is that your voice is terribly muddled in exteriors, especially crowded ones (again: when using the rear camera and speaking into the inactive front mic). Of course, I don't expect my audio to be pristine when other external noises are happening. But there should be a way to toggle which microphone is active, regardless of the camera. I have noticed that even in loud, crowded places, the iPhone microphone is quite powerful when the "right" one is active.

    Please: does anyone know how to toggle which microphone is active? I suppose even both microphones active at the same time would be much better than if the "wrong" microphone was active. The ideal scenario for me would be to always keep the front microphone active, as that is the one I use the most.

    Thank you so much in advance.


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    I got bad news gabe.
    It's not something that can be switched or controlled by the end user. We don't have access to those presets.
    But you could suggest it to Apple and maybe they could add the option on a future iOS update.

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