iPhone 6 Plus under 2 year contract with AT&T, can I sell it?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by burgerking2, Sep 20, 2014.

  1. burgerking2 macrumors member


    Sep 18, 2013
    I have an iPhone 6 Plus arriving in two days on Monday 9/22.

    iPhone 6 Plus, 64GB Space Gray

    It will be under a 2 year contract with AT&T so I paid $399 + $40 upgrade fee + tax.

    After trying it out in the store today, I have changed my mind regarding the large size and have decided to go with the smaller iPhone 6 instead.

    Just looking for an honest answer here - can I realistically profit from selling this 6 Plus since it's in higher demand currently?

    Does anyone have experience with selling a new phone that is under contract? Do I have to just pay the early termination fee (I think $325 with AT&T) and then is it free and clear for me to sell?

    And then I could put the profits towards the regular iPhone 6...

    I realize a lot of people frown on "scalping" but that was not my intention at all when I initially ordered the phone.

    But now I'm thinking if I can make a couple hundred bucks selling a hot item, then why not? Just wondering if it's feasible and what the net costs are and the steps involved.

    Thanks for any insight...
  2. libu macrumors member


    Sep 19, 2014
    You'll have to have it unlocked to have greater resale value- most shy away from buying subsidized carrier phones.

    AT&T may do it, or you can use a third party unlocker.

    In addition, you'll have to open the box and take out the SIM card- that lowers value as its not sealed.
  3. Xzentric macrumors member

    Feb 9, 2012
    Do you not have a cooling off period in the US like we do in the uk?

    We have 14 days in which we can cancel if we change our minds. Could that not be an option?

    Or are you set on making profit?

    I wouldn't do it here personally. Chances are with it being in high demand you will end up scammed.

    Unless you sell face to face with cash up front.

    I would just return it ( if possible ) if it were me.
  4. ARH1956 macrumors 6502

    Sep 12, 2007
    Are you going to pay full retail for an unlocked 6? Never mind, didn't see the date.
  5. ABC5S Suspended


    Sep 10, 2013
    Don't know if you saw the post date, but its from 2014, not today......

    Yup, you finally saw the date :D
  6. DarrenStevens macrumors newbie

    Jun 7, 2015
    Check swappa and ebay for what these phones are selling for. I would request an unlock here:


    there is a whole thread on this forum about getting on contract phones unlocked. You will get more money for it if you get it unlocked by AT&T. Search this forum for the thread on unlocking.
  7. DarrenStevens macrumors newbie

    Jun 7, 2015
    The ETF only kicks in if you cancel the line. You can sell subsidized phones any time you want to. Unlike a NEXT phone, you own a subsidized phone outright from the day you buy it.

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