iPhone 6 Pre-order Common FAQs

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    Summary of common FAQs for iPhone 6 orders

    How do I find my tracking number for orders placed on Apple.com?
    • Tracking numbers will be posted in your order status at https://store.apple.com/orderstatus when it has shipped.
    • For the more anxious of us, it may be possible to reverse engineer your tracking number through UPS or FedEx.
    • Many have had success at UPS by selecting "Track by Reference" at http://www.ups.com/tracking/tracking.html and using the billing phone number as the reference. Others have found tracking numbers by truncating their Apple order number by two digits (i.e., copy order number, drop last two digits/characters).

    How do I find the serial number of my iPhone ordered on Apple.com?
    • Visit your support profile at https://supportprofile.apple.com/homePage
    • Use the same Apple ID that you used to place your order
    • This will not work for orders placed through carriers or orders placed for in-store pickup.

    How do I find the week when my iPhone was manufactured and the factory?

    Will the T-Mobile "contract-free" iPhone 6 and 6+ be factory unlocked
    • Currently, the T-Mobile iPhone purchased directly from Apple is unlocked

    Is there any way to pre-order an "unlocked" iPhone 6 in the United States?
    • Currently, no official way to do so. Apple has not announced the release date for an unlocked iPhone 6 or 6+.
    • See above regarding purchasing the contract-free T-Mobile device
    • In the past, customers have been successful in purchasing a full-price (unsubsidized) iPhone from an Apple store, resulting in it being factory unlocked.
    • See below regarding purchasing a device only phone from VZW.

    How can I pre-order a device-only VZW iPhone 6 or 6+?
    • See http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=1776008
    • Use https://preorder.verizonwireless.com/iconic/
    • After selecting "New Customer" and inputting your zip code, proceed through the steps to order the device you want
    • STOP at the page where you are asked to select a plan. Do NOT select a plan. Instead, use the "Back" button at the bottom right of the page until you arrive at the screen that asks "What are you shopping for today?"
    • Select "Order Device without Service" and notice the device you previously selected listed.
    • Continue with your order. Note that you do not have a wireless plan selected, are not asked to provide your social security number, and will not undergo a credit check.
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    Yep, bumping my own thread with the naive hopes that people will actually read it rather than posting the same questions over and over and over again.
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    Updated original post with details regarding T-Mobile "contract free" being SIM unlocked out of the box.

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