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Jan 7, 2014
A few months ago, my iPhone started freezing to a blue screen, or having random horizontal lines flickering around the screen. I tried to restore it in recovery mode, but it would often freeze/get lines during the restoration process. Somehow a restore worked the next day, and it seemed all right (despite the accelerometer not working after that).

Today, it started freezing again, and I'm slowly trying to coax it into a proper restore. I've looked around to see what could be the cause of the problem, but haven't really found anything. Would it be a software/hardware problem, and could it warrant for a replacement?

I've attached some images of the iPhone freezing.


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Jan 7, 2014
Nope, nothing major apart from everyday nicks and bumps.
The two episodes happened out of nowhere- I just installed a new app on the phone when it started freezing, and the more recent one happened when I was on Spotify. It seems interesting how a restore managed to delay the freezing for a few months though!


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Jun 20, 2010
Take it to Apple. Repeated blue screens (or any other color, red & green are also common) are typically a sign of hardware failure.

Sorry. Back it up ASAP. Been there, done that with an iPhone 6 last fall. The Apple Genius I dealt with then commented that one blue screen might be a fluke. Two or more were a clear call to get it in to be checked.
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Sep 6, 2013
Mine started doing that today! It rebooted a couple times in my pocket (it asked for passcode next time I tried using Touch ID). Then I tried shutting it off and restarting (to kill any rogue processes), but it couldn't boot. It would blue screen, then reboot, then blue screen, then reboot.. I guess it's off to the Apple Store for me. (I didn't have weird horizontal lines like yours though.)
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