iPhone 6 "searching" constantly

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    Aug 9, 2015
    I've had an iPhone 6 for about 4 months. It has worked perfectly up until last week. About that time, my phone lost service and "searching" was in the top left corner. It has been like that pretty consistently over the last week. I reset the phone multiple times and nothing changed. I took it to my local Verizon store today and they put in a new SIM card. They were pretty confident that was the problem. However, after an hour my phone had still not connected and still no service. They told me, pretty much, that my next option was to get a new phone. I don't want that. I just payed a lot of money for this phone a few months ago. Any suggestions?
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    Bring it to Apple to have it checked.
    If it's faulty they will replace it for free.
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    ^^^This. Apple has a one year standard warranty. You won't have to pay a thing within the first year if the phone is defective.

    I'm surprised that Verizon did not act as Apple's agent and swap phones for you right then. But then, I've never been a Verizon customer so I don't know how they deal with issues like that.

    I am a Sprint customer and I would expect Sprint to swap the phone within the first year if it was defective. However, Sprint isn't where I'd take it - I'd take it to Apple.

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