iPhone 6 STILL Restoring from Backup

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by mtalsma, May 15, 2015.

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    I picked up my original iPhone 6 on launch day. Over time, it became bent. It wasn't really a major issue to me as the phone still worked fine and you'd only notice the bend upon inspection. The larger issue to me was that I could not charge the phone unless it was perfectly still. (such as on a night stand and not picked up) If I wanted to plug it in in my truck - forget it!

    So, this past Sunday my family and I were at the mall and it was a perfect opportunity for me to pop in and talk to a Genius at the Apple Store. This was my first time ever at the Genius Bar, and let me say, Apple's customer service has solidified me as a customer! The young lady solved my charging issue by removing about 2 tons of pocket lint from the charging port. :eek: I then pointed the bend out to her, and to my delight, she offered a full replacement of the phone!

    This leads me to my issue.. I arrived home at around 3 PM that Sunday and was on my home wifi all night until 5 AM the next morning. I was also home all week in the evenings - from about 5 PM to 5 AM. Now, it's Friday morning and the phone is STILL restoring from its iCloud backup. As far as I can tell, all my apps, photos, music, contacts are back. I don't know what is still restoring. How long should I wait for the process to complete?

    Lastly, can anyone recommend a good lightning cable that will fit in a Lifeproof Case?
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    I had a similar experience. It turned out that I had a song in my library that was owned by a friend; she had sent it to me and I synced it to my phone. The phone was trying to restore it but couldn't because it wanted me to log in with my friend's Apple ID.

    Did your phone ask you for any other people's Apple IDs per chance when restoring?

    If you have all your apps and data you might be able to cancel the restore; however whatever that last bit of data was will be missing and also gone in future backups.
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    That must've been the issue. I had a couple old iTunes accounts that pop up that I no longer have the password to. I cancelled the restore and all is right with the world. Thanks!

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