iPhone 6+ Stock almost Non-Existant in Australia!

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by NotAdvisable, Sep 20, 2014.

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    Other than initial stock at Apple Stores around Australia, iPhone 6+ stock has been practically nill in the last 48 hours. Telstra, Optus and Vodafone stores have reportedly only received 1 - 3 units of each type / colour of the iPhone 6+ for Friday's launch, and have since received no new stock. Some telcos who I've visited in the last day or so have even mentioned receiving only 1 iPhone 6+ of a random type / colour.

    Currently Apple is showing "Unavailable" for every single type / colour combination of the iPhone 6+ on their reservation website for every store in the country. Also, Apple Store staff have had to turn away walk-ins.
    iPhone 6 stock here seems mostly plentiful though, both for reservation and walk-in. This is true for both Apple Stores and telcos. It seems like Apple have vastly under-estimated the interest in the plus model.

    So, question to my fellow Perthians (if any) / Aussies: anyone managed to get an iPhone 6+ since launch morning?
    I've tried over 25 telcos + the two Apple Stores here in Perth, Western Australia; since launch all to be told there is zero stock. Further, most telcos are setting up "reservation interest" forms with name / phone contact details to contact customers once stock is replenished.
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    Have you been able to view stock levels on the reservation site for Perth or Garden City ? I can look at every other store in Australia except the Perth stores and Rundle Mall. They're there in the drop downs but greyed out ?? Really frustrating :(

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