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    My wife and I are having an iPhone 6, iOS 9.3.2 local storage issues. They are 16 GB phones, and it says I've used 10.7 GB, and have 940 MB left. My wife's numbers are similar.

    Under Manage Storage, my music is the biggest culprit at 3.7 GB. After that, everything else as far as photos and apps goes from 391 MB down to 84 KB. If I delete my music, I'll still have 7 GB used, but I don't where to look to determine what's taking up all of that storage. It's not Photos/videos; I only used 203 MB after deleting most of the pictures. On the flip-side, I have 4.6 GB out of 5.0 GB of iCloud storage remaining. that's just sitting out.

    Any help to how I can find what's eating my storage is appreciated.
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    First... you need to understand that a 16 GB iPhone does not have 16 GB of storage even when purchased new from Apple. After space taken up by iOS and "funny math on space" a 16 GB iPhone has around 12 GB of storage before apps are installed. Hope this helps you to manage what space you have left over. :)
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    Plug the phones to iTunes and see the number in "Other". I bet that's where you'll find all the "used" space.
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    Okay, appreciate the input. I definitely have a music storage issue, not at 3.9 GB. If I delete all 3.9 GB, and not allow auto-sync with my iMac, I can still access my music from iCloud, correct? I just want to maintain space to take pics and videos during events. I then usually create an iPhoto album, and dump into Dropbox for distribution to family/friends.

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