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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by axeldtf, Dec 7, 2015.

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    I enjoy the quality of iphone's video recording.. especially at 60fps. Currently my imac and macbook are somewhat old and the videos i record on my phone are very choppy on my them. After the holidays i will be upgrading to a new mac of some some sort and I'm wondering what specs should i look for to get a system that can play back my iphone videos without an issue. Is it the processor speed, graphics card or some codec that i may be missing?
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    If your sig accurately reflects the MB in question, I suspect the source of the choppiness is lack of memory, and/or slow HDD. The best way to see what model will work for you is to take a video from your phone to the Apple Store and use iMovie / FCP to see how if performs. If the file is on iCloud you could access from the store (be sure to wipe any of your credentials when done). But for today's iPhones, I believe that essentially any iMac will work.
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    Mar 3, 2007
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    If you're focused on just iPhone videos playing back with quality I would go with one of the new MacBook's, no reason to purchase a wallet buster if you're not doing anything intense. These handle iMovie just fine.

    Now if you're looking to do work - Office 365, multiple applications open at the same time, FCP X, photo editing, possibly booting Windows simultaneously then I would recommend a MacBook Pro.

    My options are all laptop oriented, I assume you want an on the go PC just like your iPhone is, rather than a Mac Pro or iMac.
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    Thanks.. i was on the fence whether to go with a laptop or desktop.. I thought about another imac because my luck i'd drop the expensive macbook hours after i bought it, if i did the desktop then i would maybe buy a cheap chromebook and put linux on it for a cheap robust system.

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