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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Armen, May 12, 2014.

  1. Armen, May 12, 2014
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    Apr 30, 2013
    Am I the only person who doesn't believe we'll see a 5.5" iPhone 6 this year?

    - Leaks and schematics have shown up for the 4.7" model but not one trace of a 5.5"

    - Rumors of Apple releasing a 4.7" iphone 6 and then followed by a 5.5" a few months later?

    Apple has been consistently releasing 1 iphone/year with the exception of the 5S and 5C. If this is Apple's new release cycle of 2 models/year wouldn't they release a 4.7" and 5.5" iPhone 6 together?

    I would imagine it would hurt the sales of the 4.7" model if people are going to wait for the 5.5"

    Other rumors are stating that the 5.5" is going to be released in limited numbers? This is not Apple. If there was a 5.5" they would have already started production on it early.
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    Apr 24, 2013
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    I think they are still working out some kinks to that one. The 4.7" is nearing/in production it seems, the 5.5" might still be in design, or resolving possible manufacturing issues. I still think we could see it this year, but there is no concrete evidence on it.

    And I dont think the 5.5" would really hurt sales on the 4.7". It seems that the 4.7" might be the more "standard" model as most people done want too big. I for one will love the phablet experience of the 5.5"
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    I am 99.99999% sure there will not be a 5.5 inch iPhone this year.

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