iPhone 6S Audio Media Deleting itself

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    Hi all,

    Last night for the second time, my iPhone 6S completely deleted all the AUDIO media off my phone. This includes about 5000 songs, and the few podcasts I had downloaded. (The podcasts play data is still there, and they are correctly marked as read/unread, they just simply don't have a downloaded file.) It's the oddest thing and I have no clue what caused it. This actually happened once before but I wrote it off as a fluke.

    No photos or video were deleted, and my phone has plenty of space, it's a 128 GB and barely half full.

    Best I can tell, this happened sometime during the night. At least that is what I think since I didn't notice it til this morning. Phone was working fine yesterday. I did reboot it earlier in the evening, just because I hadn't in awhile.

    Anyone know what's going on? Anyone ever had this happen?
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