iPhone 6s battery not working properly


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Nov 14, 2016
Hey guys,

I am really getting crazy on this issue with my girlfriends iPhone 6s.. We bought it a few days ago in good condition but noticed that the battery drained extremly fast (2hours). Also the devices rebooted itself in percentages around 1-20% randomly.

So I first tried to completely push it to zero with displaying the "put on charging-cable" image and then charging it to 100%. That hat a nice effect that the battery lasted longer but was still rebooting randomly.

Yesterday I changed the battery to a fresh one I have bought online but now the problem ist, that the battery switches between 1% and anything around 4% for several hours with random rebootings. I am trying to push it to zero and recharge it a few times from 0 to 100% to recalibrate ist but I am unsure if this is the solution?

Do you have any ideas? If you even have any between all those iPhone X posts :-D

Thanks a lot!!