iPhone 6s became unusable today

Discussion in 'iPhone Tips, Help and Troubleshooting' started by benchmarkman, Mar 22, 2017.

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    I woke up today and my iPhone 6s forgot the password to all three of my wifi networks. The phone was also very sluggish. I rebooted the phone and it came back and now knew my wifi again but it was even slower. There was noticable lag when swipping between screens and now safari lost all my bookmarks and history. Most apps refused to load and would completely lock the phone. Fortunately google maps continued to work and I was able to get to my new work location using Google driving directions. This afternoon I tried to turn on/off the phone but it would not load iOS. I was able to do a recovery from my PC and now the phone loads back to my home screen but it's still extremely sluggish and occasionally reboots it's self. Apps won't install either. They will fully download but then refuse to install. Any ideas? The phone is basically unusable because the few apps that will load are extremely slow and the keyboard input lags upto 30 seconds. Thank you!
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    I would backup then restore the phone as new. If the device continues to function poorly at that point you have a hardware issue. Take it in to Apple.

    If you restore as new and everything is suddenly fine again then there is a problem with your current profile. Restoring as new at that point would be your only option.

    Realistically though, I suspect your device has a hardware issue.

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