Iphone 6s dead pixel / white dot under the glass when the screen is off

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by sanocoffie, Jan 28, 2017.

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    Hi, first sorry, English is not my native language. I bought an Iphone 6s, overall, the phone is good, except for a slightly darker tinge on the left side, but the display have in the lower left and almost at the bottom right corner a black dead pixel, or at least I thought so. But I found that,when the display is turned off,then i can saw white dots exactly where they are defective pixels, so it will probably be some dirt or dust. Pixels would do not go to see when the display is off,also when moving with screen on,sometimes dot is almost invisssible from angle. I was back in store(not Apple), but I can not replace it, only sent for repair and here in our country we have a very bad authorized repair, so I'll wait and at the end of the warranty will send it for repair. Do you have that experience, or similar dots?
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    There were reports of the vibrate switch letting in dust. Apparently introduced by a design fault in the way they did 3D Touch.
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    You're correct. It's dust. I have returned a dozen plus Apple devices over the years with dust between the glass and display - even on products like the 6S that have a laminated display. It happens during manufacturing and it won't go away. The only thing you can do is switch screens or devices. It's a lottery - and one I can't win lately. Every time I try to purchase a new iPad there is something wrong with the screen - be it dust, dark areas, color shifts, dead pixels. Apple needs to improve its quality control. Hopefully something works out for you.
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    Over the last two years I had at home about 6 Ipad mini retina,5 Iphone 6 and 6 Nexus 5X and at all was something wrong - dead pixel, dust, yellow screen, the screen loose, published a crackling sound, but every time I shopped over the internet eshop, so I could go back, not this time partly because I need a new phone and I remain that way, my old Nexus 4 is already bad. I'm tired of poor quality products off all brands. It's really small and it's visible only from angle. When it is dark screen or black background,i can saw white dot(dust,dirt) little more,then black dot on white background,but you just know it's there and it's still controlled and watches this, even though it has no effect on function, rather it is not healthy mentally .. :) It is strange that even though a person has the perfect device, nowhere is it written that the device break in a month and he will have to switch replace and get a bad piece, but still mostly everyone including me wants to just have everything perfect, like it was forever..

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