iPhone 6S+ External Microphone for Loud Environments (Concerts, gigs, etc.)

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    Hi guys,

    A little background story:
    I go to loads of concerts and I used to like recording some of my favourite songs when played. But that's way back when I was still using the iPhone 5. Ever since I switched to the OnePlus One, I stopped. Because the audio quality was absolutely RUBBISH. I think Android phones in general are terrible at audio recording in a loud environment. Anyway, I ended up getting the 6S+, mainly because of the image stabilisation that hopefully helps me record less shaky videos. Oh and btw, my iPhone 5 recorded better audio than my OnePlus One.

    Here's the thing:
    So I was thinking on buying an accessory that would increase the audio quality of videos recorded with the 6S+. Anyway, I'm not expecting a professional high quality audio since it's a phone, only a clearer, less distorted sound.

    So far in the list, there are:
    (I'll add videos that show how the relevant accessory performs in a loud environment)

    1. iRig Mic Cast

    2. iRig Mic Field
    (Unfortunately I couldn't find a video for this one)

    3. Edutige i-Microphone EIM-004

    Here's to give you an idea of how terrible the OnePlus One recordings

    Would appreciate if anyone could help me out and point out other products I should be considering.
    Should I be getting an external microphone? Or do the built-in microphones perform better?
    I'm also concerned with the size of the microphone itself since 6s+ is already big.
    I haven't tested the 6S+ yet since the last time I went to a concert is three weeks ago and that was before I got an iPhone 6S+.

    Thank you!

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