iPhone 6s extremely buggy!

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by thejarateinside, Jul 26, 2017.

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    Jul 26, 2017
    Hello everyone. A friend of mine's iPhone 6S suddenly stopped working Wednesday morning, with the phone not booting past the Apple logo, without a colored screen appearing very quickly, and shutting off. I told her how to update her phone from iTunes to fix the issue, and it worked, with her data still on her phone. But the issue got worse. I assume it is because iOS 10.3.3 has a lot of issues, but this is too much. Almost all of her apps don't run without crashing right after, except the App Store, Settings (although it hangs and freezes sometimes, Settings works), and certain apps that were updated after fixing the first issue. Sometimes, even the home menu crashes when trying to delete an app. After a while, the phone was able to successfully delete some apps, but with the phone connected to a computer or not, the apps would reappear after reboot with most of them having a blank icon. Running them still crashes. Deleting them from the Home Screen, Settings, or iTunes doesn't matter, because they reappear anyway. While we were trying to diagnose this issue, a new glitch literally just appeared, on the lock screen. The image provided shows what her lock screen looks like. I'm starting to think that these glitches isn't just the latest iOS update. Any help to fix all of these issues would be appreciated. Thank you

    Recap: main issues are: apps don't uninstall, they reappear, apps crash all the time, and some areas have graphical issues

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    I doubt it is 10.3.3 as too many have installed it and without huge problems.

    You best hope is to get it into DFU mode and set up as a new phone. Leave all the apps off till you see if the phone will operate as new.

    Ask your friend if something happened just before this all,started to happen. There is usually an "event" that causes an iPhone to go bonkers. We very well could have. A hardware issue here.
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    I updated my phone to 10.3.3 and its working with no issues as well.
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    Apr 11, 2014
    I updated to 10.3.3 and if anything it seems to have solved issues for me. Either way, I don't have any issues right now.
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    Create an icloud backup. DFU restore from iCloud backup. More than likely she had low storage ignored all warnings that say hey low storage.
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    I took my 6s Plus for the Exact same Reasons and at the Apple Store the tech saw all the problems could not remedy them,and just got me Refurbished 6s Plus in 5 minutes. Asked first if all my contacts were backed up I said yes. He explained that a lot of people are coming in because of this.

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