iPhone 6S face cam getting hot after screen & cable replacement

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    Aug 1, 2014
    I replaced the screen in my sisters 6S a couple weeks ago, after which in testing I found the earpiece and face cam not working. Taking it back apart I found the ribbon cable had a small fracture in it, and as well the phone was generally hotter. So I just replaced the cable today, and upon initial testing, all worked but was getting overly hot. After powering down and letting it sit awhile, I tested it again and it seems to be the front cam itself generating the heat, it doesn't get warm/hot until I go to Camera and switch to face cam. The only cause I can think of is, the back of the cam having a metal cover shouldn't be coming into contact with the shielding piece installed over it that keeps everything in place. I also noticed there is a gap between the front of the camera and the screen. I'm pretty sure there wasn't anything in there originally to isolate the two, but i'm about to take it back apart and put a small piece of thin foam between the two to act as an isolater. Of course I'll double check the cable and make sure it didn't incur another fracture.
  2. Thorsteenster thread starter macrumors newbie

    Aug 1, 2014
    So after taking it apart again, I saw there is a little pad on the back of the bracket that presses against the back of the camera.
    However, I cut a small strip of 1/16" double sided tape and stuck it in in an L shape on the side between the two mounting tabs to ensure no side contact came to be between bracket and camera, and a small square to put on the existing pad.
    It still heats up ever so slightly, but nothing like before where it would almost get uncomfortable to put your ear to it. I'm no iPhone user though, but I suspect you wouldn't have your ear to the phone while face camera is on anyway. This was posted in hopes of helping someone still experiencing heat after replacing screen and/or earpiece/cam cable. Make sure cam isn't touching the captive bracket.

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