iPhone 6s has someone else's texts, photos, and contacts

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    Relatively long story, but any help is greatly appreciated.

    Today (11/29/15) I upgraded to an iphone 6s at my local AT&T store. The rep went into the back and returned with the phone (already out of the box, no plastic screen cover, no evidence of any shrink wrapping on the box). I completed the upgrade process and saw the rep begin to set up the phone and observed the typical "Hello" screen on the phone. Then he turned it over to me.

    I left the store, walked to my car and finished the setup (inputting MY OWN apple ID, keychain, Siri, touch ID, etc). Subsequently, I received a text from a friend and, after replying, I noticed that there were many other previous text conversations on the phone, each from people I did not know or recognize (the only one I recognized was the one I had just received from my friend). The most recent conversation was from 2 days ago (11/27/15) that actually referenced making a trip to an AT&T store. The texts also had various references to a local university, so the other person is definitely local to me. Additionally, the phone had a photo stream completely comprised of pictures of people I did not know or recognize.

    Unsure of what to do, I immediately returned to the store and told the rep what was going on. He said that it was strange and began the process of resetting the phone. I asked him if it was, in fact, a new phone and he told me that it had come straight from the box. After doing a reset and re-inputting my Apple ID, the texts and photos were gone and I thought that had solved the problem. However, after leaving the store, I noticed that the contacts on my phone had both my own contacts and contacts of the other person.

    I have racked my brain trying to figure out what could have caused this to happen. So I decided to plug in the serial number on the phone to apple's warranty search to see when the warranty ends and therefore, because the warranty begins when the phone is activated, the date of activation of the phone. According to apple, the warranty will expire on 11/27/16. That would be exactly one year from this past Friday, which is the date of the stranger's last text message indicating that he or she was going to an AT&T store. Based upon all of this, I am pretty confident that my phone is not new, but perhaps that it had been returned 2 days ago and was then sold to me as new. I am unable to arrive at any other conclusion. It seems highly unlikely that my Apple ID got crossed with someone else's who lives in the same town and just so happens to have visited an AT&T store 2 days ago/the day my phone seems to have been activated.

    Any thoughts? Should I insist on a return? Is there any chance that this actually is on Apple's end and not AT&Ts? If so, that gives me some pretty serious security concerns using things like Apple Pay. Thanks in advance!
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    Return it to AT&T and insist on them exchanging it this time for a real new phone instead of one that had previously been sold and returned.
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    I assume they gave you a box? Does the serial number and IMEI from the phone and box match? It's pretty obvious they gave you a freshly returned phone. Scumbag move. I'm buying the phone. I'll unbox it myself. I hate when they do that. That's why I always insist on never opening it and tell them leave it sealed and I'll set it up myself when I get home.
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    They enjoy opening the box too. Lol
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    Return it, you paid for a new phone. Good luck!

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