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    Apr 27, 2016
    So here's what happened, I'm running my bath water and my Iphone slips out of my hoodie pocket and falls into a full bathtub. It was in there for a second, but immediately began to act weird. I dried it and let it sit for a couple hours. Yea I know probably should have waited a day at least, but don't have a backup phone. So when I first got it out the water it had a message on the screen saying the accessory that was plugged up was not compatible... only nothing was plugged in it. Later I realized my charger wouldn't charge my phone so I put the phone on my charging case. It seem to do fine. Today I noticed my phone not holding a charge very well. Charging case still on but still not charged 100%. I leave it on the counter for about 20 minutes thinking it was going to charge fully. I go to wake it up and it wont come on at all. It's totally non responsive, its like its dead but it wont respond to being plugged up either. Am I "****ed" or is there a way to salvage it? Mind you I haven't backed my phone up for six months. Help me please and thanks in advance.
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    try putting it in rice or a " res que " bag / desiccant ?? leave it off for a few days and hope for the best?? pray that it will boot and let you do a backup ? put some tape over the headphone and lightning jacks f your going to use rice

    if you don't have applecare then its going to cost you $329 to swap it out

    you should sign up for more iCloud space and cloud iphoto!! and turn on iCloud backup

    your phone book and calendar and apps that you bought are okay , so you won't lose those.
    you will probably lose photos, and iMessages at worse

    anything synced from itunes is safe

    anything you bought , even free stuff is safe

    good luck

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