iPhone 6S Plus screen going black

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by TugboatFred, Oct 15, 2016.

  1. TugboatFred macrumors newbie

    Sep 28, 2016
    Sorry to create yet another post, but I was wondering if anyone was experiencing a bug on the 6S Plus regarding their screen randomly turning off?

    It happens about five times a day doing random activities. The screen will just turn off, even though the device hasn't been locked. The only solution is to hit the home button, which wakes the screen and goes to the home screen. Alternatively, hitting the power button will turn the screen on, only to very briefly turn it back off and lock the device.

    I can't tell if it's a bug with the lift-to-wake feature, an actual defect, or what. Is there anyone experiencing this? I'm considering making a Genius Bar appointment but if I don't need to I would rather not.

    Did some Google searching and some folks had random turn offs with this model, but my phone doesn't turn off. It just turns the screen off.
  2. darrylcn macrumors regular

    Oct 24, 2015
    Mine's been doing the same - if I try to take a photo from the text app and turn the phone to landscape the screen frequently goes blank. I've also had an issue of the popup text notifications dismissing when I'm in the midst of writing them so I did a reset all settings last eve. I'm weighing going back to iOS 9 while I still can at this point but I'd miss a ton of 10's features.

    Edit: If I wasn't masking the proximity sensor with my hand that would keep the screen on. I just figured that out now, which is embarrassing, but I thought I'd edit my post in case it helps your issue. Strangely when I do black the screen out because I've covered the sensor the audio memo function of the text starts..
  3. TugboatFred thread starter macrumors newbie

    Sep 28, 2016

    Yeah at first I thought I was covering up the proximity sensor as well, but I'm not. Definitely considering rolling back to 9

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