iPhone 6s reboots itself

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by comics addict, Oct 6, 2015.

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    its the same tiring random reboot process that have been mentioned since the 5s where the phone chooses to reboot itself at random times with nob discernible pattern. I have experienced this since issue both wig my previous 5s & 6 and now too with my 6s. In less than two weeks I have had it reboot itself on three occasions, browsing in Safari, using the multitask view and adding new someone for family sharing. Apple always recommend I do a restore as new and never, NEVER, have this solved anything to me. I had to return a iPad mini 2 two years in arrow for this since it was a daily occurrence. I had read on this forums that many folks thought that it could be the system having insufficient memory but how can this be when my current phone is 2GB of RAM? I have only encountered this issues while using 64-bit Ax chips and have experienced them on iOS 7,8 and 9.
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    Without knowing more I'd guess it's an application. Did you take the phone to a Genius (or do a remote AppleCare support call) to see what the diagnostic logs indicate?
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    I had read that thread before creating this one. Problems don't seem to be related. Touch ID isn't getting hot beforehand. And it's an issue that I have experienced before on other 64-bit Apple devices.

    I have been multiple calls but iOS 9 isn't sending the diagnostics because when it's supposed to it hangs.
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