iPhone 6s+'s memory is behaving strangely

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    Hello, my iPhone is behaving strangely the past hour. When I was taking the video, a message showed up saying that there is not enough storage for video taking. Under information, I have about 150MB out of 122GB memory left. I deleted LOTS of 4K video and some photos. I ended up 222.7MB. I tried again. It took a video for about 10 seconds. When I tried to take another video, I got the same error message. Any idea what is going on? It seems that my phone did not release storage properly. Any suggestion on how to fix this? I rebooted the phone already but it does not help. Thanks.
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    If you deleted a lot of videos (especially 4K) and photos too and only freed up less than 100 MB of space, something doesn't seem right. Perhaps you didn't empty them from deleted videos/photos folder after deleting them? Or something else weird is going on--maybe you need to restart the device or re-sync it with iTunes or something like that.
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