Iphone 6S Samsung vs TMSC A9 Chip

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by ip3g10, Aug 1, 2017.

  1. ip3g10 macrumors newbie

    Jul 29, 2010
    Hi everyone,

    I recently got a replacement iPhone 6s from the Apple store with a Samsung Chip A9. I have been reading that this chip drains the battery faster although performs better in bench mark tests.

    Does the Samsung A9 have better performance and drains the battery faster? Or is this just a myth.

    Thank you in advance.
  2. chscag macrumors 68030


    Feb 17, 2008
    Fort Worth, Texas
    I've read Pro and Con about the difference between the Samsung A9 and the TMSC A9. My advice is just enjoy your new 6s and don't worry about which A9 chip it has. :)
  3. miragebg macrumors 6502a

    Mar 23, 2009
    My first new 6S was with TSMC. After being replaced in December last year, I got Samsung. No difference in battery life between two units - 6-7 hours of usage and 20-30 hours of standby. Just enjoy your phone. My current replacement unit with Samsung chip has even better display without dark shadows on it
  4. BigDO macrumors 6502a


    Dec 9, 2012
    Yes, there is a difference, but it's so small you're very unlikely to see it in normal use.
  5. Dented macrumors 6502a

    Oct 16, 2009
    This whole thing was played out in relentless detail back when the 6S was new - the reality is there's no practical difference overall. That's not to say the two chips perform exactly the same - they don't - but the differences are so nuanced and the way people use their phones is so varied and individual, no two people would ever know what chip they had without checking it in an app, and they'd be just as likely to swear they had the opposite.

    I had the Samsung in my 6S, I now have the Samsung in my SE, I suspect the vast bulk of A9s out there are now Samsung. Nothing wrong with them. In fact I was always impressed with the battery life from my 6S compared to the complaints other people had - that is until it developed the battery fault there was a recall for (which was nothing to do with the chip and affected TMSC phones equally).

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