Iphone 6s suddenly going down

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by ComfortablyDumb, Oct 24, 2016.

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    My iPhone 6s (64GB) is suddenly going down, the charge shows its 25% plus yet suddenly the screen goes down.

    When I try restarting, it comes back to life only to go down in the next few seconds. [Even a hard boot does not work, the phone comes to life only to go down in two seconds after the home screen comes up]

    I need to plug to the charger, to bring the phone to life, but once once I plug it suddenly displays the battery as 25%.

    Its not happening often, it happens only when I am using the mobile data and the charge drops down.

    Can you advice regarding this problem.

    [Also I have the warranty until December, is it advisable to take it over the apple store as there is a fault in the device]
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    Happens on my wife's as well. I think it is a software reporting battery issue that plagued them in 9.x rearing its head again. Bottom line is that your battery is dead and the software is reporting it as still having a charge. Hopefully the next release will fix the issue.

    Also we have noticed that the newest iOS is a bit of a battery hog.
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    On your nine
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    iPhone 6s turning off at 10-20%

    Apple are aware of this issue and engineers are working hard to solve it.

    I had extensive contact with Apple about this last week and they performed some hardware tests
    Battery was at 92%, only 364 cycles on 1 year old iPhone 6s.

    Also read Apple Community Forums on more of this as many people are affected. https://discussions.apple.com/community/iphone/iphone_hardware

    I do hope that 10.1 will solve this, but remember you are not alone :)

  6. ComfortablyDumb thread starter macrumors newbie

    Sep 15, 2016
    It doesnt work mate, tried everything..

    Last night I had done the latest update and now it has gone down.
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    Yes, planning to take it apple store...
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    Lads, on a side note, few more hours of digging and performing some tests, please consider this advice. Many of us have this habit lot of loading the access, rail and bus cards in the wallet case, and swiping it over the reader along with the hone. Refrain from doing that, Even in a thick Belkin case, the vibration seems to be heavy, and it might rub it on the mother board and the battery. I'll upload my tests over here at some point, but this problem is not related to that

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