iPhone 6s unbelievable benchmark score..

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    Hi all,

    So I bought an iPhone 6s brand new about 2 weeks ago and had to take it back because I had some dead pixel cluster thing going on in the top left corner. I got a replacement and it came in a white box only for the iphone, didnt look at it too thoroughly so I dont know if it's refurbished or not. Today I decided out of nowhere to do a geekbench test and the results....................just see for yourselves. multi-core score is worse than the iPhone 5s!!..I didnt restore from a backup so I dont think that could be the problem. I am taking it back but what can I tell them for an excuse?

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    You have your phone in low power mode.

    Disable that and run the benchmarks again before you freak out.
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    Here is some information about low power mode.

    Specifically this:

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    omg haha that was embarassing, nearly had a heart attack. And I didnt know that would make such a huge difference.

    Thanks T5BRICK

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    White box replacements are a mix of remanufactured (refurb) or new. There is no way to tell and it's irrelevant anyway since the remanufactured units are the same as new.

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