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Mar 21, 2015
I am on the 12 month ATT NEXT program.

Received IPhone 6 plus on release date of 2014, how will upgrade work this year? Will I be able to ‘pre order’ IPhone 6s Plus even though I am on ATT NEXT?


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Jun 20, 2015
i think you same case with me ,,, first pay off att next program so u can get elligible upgrade ,,, if not trade in an iphone but that option you have to wait because launch day they too busy for pre order and full pay iphone ,,,

you can dial *639# on your iphone and they will let u know what u do next ,upgrade or payoff ,


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Oct 18, 2011
AFAIK, if you are a currently on NEXT program, and you are eligible for an upgrade, this can be done only at the AT&T store and not Apple store. Unless AT&T allows Apple store to do it. I know for a fact that when 6/6Plus was released, only those who were new to AT&T Next were allowed to purchase the device directly from the Apple store (Of course if you previously had AT&T Next and paid off your phone in full a month prior).

Those who were already on AT&T Next and is eligible for an upgrade wouldn't be able to use the Next at the apple store since they technically didn't pay off the remaining balance on the previous device or even if they did, they would have done it a month prior to the release day to become fully eligible.

I believe you can't do a pre-order unless you completely pay off your device and keep the device and then you can pre-order and use Next again.

One reason why 12 month AT&T Next isn't good is on the launch day device, unless you get lucky to get your hands on one.

Clix Pix

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Last year at the Apple store on Launch Day I was able to (1) set up a NEXT account and (2) also trade in my iPhone 5S, right then and there; I was going from a grandfathered AT&T Unlimited data plan and previous 2-year contract, which at the time was one year, yes, I was new to the NEXT plan at that point. I hope that those of us on the NEXT plan will be able to get what we want at the Apple retail stores this year, too on Launch Day or whenever, rather than having to only go to an AT&T retail store. It would be nice to know about this for sure, though, exactly what will and won't be possible on Launch Day at the Apple store! I can see where placing a pre-order might not work when someone is on the NEXT plan, though.
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