iPhone 7 -7+ on sale at Best Buy

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by AstroDrew, May 11, 2017.

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    I think Best Buy have some really good deals right now depending on which carrier you're with. For example, you can save $150 on an iPhone 7+ 256GB any color for $27.33/mo for 30 months with AT&T if you qualify. I think it's a good deal for those who are in need of a replacement for their aging iPhones.

    While the new iphone is coming out soon, the 256GB variant for the new one will probably cost more, this is why I think if you need a new one this can be a good deal for you.

    Just want to share.
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    Couple weeks ago Target had a $300 GC for iPhones, I upgraded 2 lines and got $600 in Gift Cards, used one of the gift cards for a down payment on the 2nd phone, the 2nd card has been used for furnitures and bedding since I moved to a new condo.
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    The best buy deal isn't bad, but they had $200 couple weeks ago, which was pretty good. $150 is not bad. I have a third line that is due for an upgrade, the iPhone 6 battery sucks, so I need to upgrade it to the 7, the other person doesn't like the plus model because its too big.
    I myself got the + since I have no problem, but the other person moves around all day, so it be a hassle to carry the phone all day.

    I think I'll wait for a better deal for the 7, Im hoping for the $200 for AT&T.

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