iPhone 7+ and Windows computer email problem.

Discussion in 'iOS 11' started by Tom G., Feb 13, 2018.

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    My sister bought my iPhone 7+ when I upgraded to the iPhone X, she is having a problem with handling her email. She mostly handles her email on the iPhone, but occasionally does it on her Hewlett Packard computer. When she went to use the email app on her computer (she has a Yahoo account) she found out that the computer has not been deleting the emails that she has deleted on her iPhone. My question is this: is there a way to tie the emails on both the iPhone and the computer together so an action on one will be also done on the other?

    Both her iphone and her computer have the latest version of their operating system on them.
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    Haha I’m going to presume you are genuinely asking this question (there is a lot of trolls on here).

    When it comes to WHERE FROM an action is requested from a server (such as an email account), it wont matter on which OS or app is being used (in 99.99% of the cases). As such a request by her to delete an email should be mimicked everywhere else when she logs in on another device.

    There could be potential proxy/network settings which are prohibiting her email on her HP desktop from sending traffic out to the email server. It would appear at that stage that her iphone isnt refreshing, where in fact it isnt updating anywhere, as no request to change anything was ever sent.

    This is my guess. If its not this I have to ask if everything is updated?
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    Using an iPhone, IPP, rMB, and Thinkpad, I would see this routinely between and across devices. Once I switched from an iPhone to an Android phone, using Outlook, I still see the issue across all my devices. It is however more prevalent on my iDevices. This issue had gotten worse for me under iOS 11.

    Interestingly, if I use the stock Gmail app for a Gmail account, I will almost always see the correct update across all the devices. This is true for both iOS and Android.
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    Is she using a standalone client on Windows or the Yahoo web app? Are both accounts setup to use IMAP?

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