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    Firstly I apologise if this has been discussed already. But I wanted to get a clear cut answer that I couldn't really find - I have a few questions regarding battery issues. I have an iphone 7 on ios 10.3.3. I notice quite a lot of drain on my battery. Sometimes there are obvious reasons (such as streaming music on the Apple Music app) or low connection but sometimes it's jus like that even when sitting or even just surfing on safari.

    It's not uncommon for my phone battery to drain 30% over 15 min when on safari or just drain doing nothing.

    I went to the Apple store who noted the battery was in a good shape but also noted there is something wrong with software because my usage was the same as standby time. So they suggested I connect it to iTunes, but wait for the connection image to come on the phone and do a full restore. They explained it would delete the software, reinstall it and I can backup from iTunes or icloud. They noted if it's a backup from iTunes, there may be something transferred over which is creating issues but from if I restore from icloud, should be fine.

    When I restored form iTunes (I forgot to click encrypt) it wasn't great, so I tried again. I restored from icloud yesterday after a full restore.

    I still note draining however.
    My questions are
    - does the battery drain for a few days after an icloud restore?
    - would it make a difference if I set up from new?
    - I did an iTunes restore because I thought it would retain health data (steps is what I would like). it didn't copy over but when I did a restore from icloud it did. If I set up from new, and put in my icloud password, would this come over?
    - does apple music take up a lot of battery generally? Does spotify use less? I noted apple music takes up a lot of battery power even when not streaming (if it's downloaded music).

    Thanks in advance!
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    I would try restoring from new and see which app eats the battery up, one by one.

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