iPhone 7 Plus buzzing sound near rear camera


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Nov 5, 2011
hello guys firstly I am super happy to get the 256 GB 7plus in black :) I have noticed as I read on the forum as well that there is a hissing sound coming from the rear end near the camera.

It is not the rattle of the lense but more like a small micro hard drive buzzing.

Anyone notice it?



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May 5, 2010
United Kingdom
I have it, too. It's very quiet, though. My ear has to be placed right against the phone. I've also noticed that the phone seems to get quite warm around the camera.

Hope there's nothing wrong.


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Oct 13, 2016
New York City
is not cool even i we have a year warranty.. is not right! i have replace my iPhone 7 plus 256 today for the same issue. i note something. the old iPhone 7 plus i got before has a different noise but for the battery side.. mean left side of the apple logo..
the new iPhone 7 plus that i just got today have the noise between the double camera and the apple logo..
the noise coming for the left side of the apple logo was less loud.. this one now is more loud and like i said is coming from the camera side.. i don't feel good about this.. I'm waiting for the second time replacement i hope this time i will have good luck..
i hope apple have a good explanation for this problem, and a fix too...

sorry for my english isn't why first language.