Iphone 7 plus Pink Tint - Purple Tint - Camera Issue

Has your iphone 7 plus has this issue?

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  • Apple replaced my iphone 7 plus because of this issue.

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Feb 5, 2015
Did you return the phone?
[doublepost=1490148701][/doublepost]2 years ago some HTC one's has this issue. Now i think apple has serious problem.

What is the cause of the problem?
The "purple" issue is caused by bad heat insulation of the camera sensor from the rest of the phone, so when you try to take a photo the heat can cause distortion of the data the image processor chip collects from the sensor and converts to digital image (when you open the camera app it puts the screen brightness to max, so even this can cause the phone to heat up). When you use the camera in low light the image chip relies more on the sensor to collect more light, so this might cause only low light pictures to be affected (especially the color black, where the sensor tries to deliver as much light possible and there just isn't one, as it is dark). When you take a photo in normal light (or with flash) there is enough light and the sensor doesn't try to replace the color black with purple.

The damage to the camera sensor caused by heat seems to be permanent and if it's in an early stage it can be fixed by a software update which just calibrates the image chip to ignore the "purple" image data. But, as you stated, this is a hardware issue and if the software update doesn't fix it, the phone should be sent to a repair center for the sensor and the insulator around it to be replaced.
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