Iphone 7 plus

Apple trying to add hype?

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Mar 16, 2011
it's a toughy i think. maybe they had no idea the +'s esp the JB would be so popular (seems odd, but yeah)

with the jb, they had to have some idea of the production process & the problems they'd run into

it was the same w/the first watch, and with the gold and rose gold phones

once everything settles down and dies down, ppl will be able to walk into an apple store and buy whatever they want, and also buy online and not wait a month

i guess they also figure ppl will wait, as long as it takes, hard core apple fans - they're still making a ton of $ either way

it seems like it "looks" like hype, to give off the illusion , but i don't that's really the case, maybe i'm just optimistic-
and also an apple fan gurl


i'm impatiently waiting too :(((


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Nov 13, 2007
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Apple is a publicly traded company. It's stock price is dictated by hype to a point, yes.

But in the end, performance, which is actual sales per quarter, is what ultimately injects money into Apple stock. Investors like stocks with good dividends and Apple is a solid returning investment.

Say they were to hype demand with short supply now, then go back and report sales that are actually lackluster? This would erode confidence in the stock and the price would drop.

Seeing as how many top level execs have their stake in Apple related directly stock shares, I highly doubt they want to make decisions that negatively affect the stock rating.


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Jun 23, 2010
I think a lot of people were waiting for the new iPhone and disappointment in the phyical similarities between the 6S and 7, have decided to opt for the black color (in either matte or jet) and the larger size as it has dual lens.

Granted a majority of them probably doesn't know exactly what the telephoto lens would do or how to make the most of it.