iPhone 7 Screen Replacement: Estimated Time

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by invisiblegt, May 8, 2017.

  1. invisiblegt macrumors member

    Mar 21, 2013
    I apologize in advance, should this question have already come up somewhere else in the forums. I, being generally steadfast in my resolve to never, ever use a phone case, and having been told multiple times to get one, finally dropped my phone to the point that the screen cracked (fairly substantially) across the bottom of the device (an iPhone 7).

    Now, for want of a $20 case, I need to get the screen replaced. I'd briefly debated on going somewhere local to have it done, as the closest Apple store is an hour away. However, I'd rather have it done by those who work with them on a daily basis, especially given that the cost is roughly on par with everywhere else (or cheaper).

    So, to make a short question long, what sort of time frame am I looking at to have it done? Will I need to drop it off, and bring my old iPhone 5 as a backup until it's fixed within a few days, or is this sort of repair something that can typically be done the day of?

    Thanks in advance for any feedback you can provide.
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    If you make an appointment (they require that now) it typically takes an hour. PS. No condemnation from me. I use all my iPhones and my iPad without cases. So far, I have only cracked one screen.
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    Depending on the volume of the Apple Store you frequent, they can likely have it done within the same day. As far as using your iPhone 5, you can just remove your previous SIM card and use that in your iPhone 5 unril your iPhone 7 is repaired.

    You could also call your local Apple Store you intend to make the repair, when prompted, say manager and then you can ask how long of a wait To have your iPhone repaired.

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