iPhone 7 Shortage caused by new Storage configurations on the 6S

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by nanocustoms, Oct 13, 2016.

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    Normally when theres a new product launch, the existing flagship, in this case 6S / 6S Plus can be produced in mass, the price drops, and life goes on.

    This time around, they boosted the memory of the units to 32/128/256 from 16/64/128

    This means the lines building the 6s family cannot be freed up to run the 7 family, which sees a surge in demand.


    Also, the memory itself is probably being limited to some extent. Is there different memory for the plus? I know RAM is different.

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    I've seen videos of shops upgrade storage on iPhone. They effectively de solder the old module and solder in a new one. Takes a trained guy less than an hour to do it all.

    I say this because this is probably an incredibly trivial thing for a machine to do. For all we know this isn't even done in the same segment of the factory.

    It's possible there is some correlation but I doubt it's a large one. Wouldn't make sense for Apple to severely limit their flagship production for something this minor.

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