iPhone 7(+) iPhone 7 Unlocked MN8L2LL/A T-Mobile Bands?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Mazda 3s, Apr 8, 2018.

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    I bought an unlocked iPhone 7 (MN8L2LL/A) for use on AT&T back in 2016, and gave it to my wife last year when I upgraded to an iPhone X (MQAK2LL/A). In January, we switched to T-Mobile and for the most part, service has been relatively solid for me save for a few dead areas (more dead spots than AT&T, that's for sure). But my wife's phone often gets horrible service -- even if we're standing side by side. I'll have full bars and service, and she has nothing.

    Does her iPhone 7 simply not have all the bands necessary for T-Mobile service, or is is potentially a factor of modem performance (I don't know whether our phones have Intel or Qualcomm modems). If it's truly a problem with a lack of bands, I have no problem getting her a T-Mobile iPhone 8. But I just want to make sure that I won't have the same problem if I buy her a new phone.

    Can anyone be of any assistance as to why her experience on T-Mobile is so much worse than mine -- even when in the same location?
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    ten-zero-eleven-zero-zero by zero-two
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    The phone had perfect reception until we switched to T-Mobile. That's why I was thinking it was something going on with its interoperability with the T-Mobile network -- there were no problems to speak of at all until the switch. But I'll definitely see if Apple (or T-Mobile) can see if there's anything wrong.
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    Did it get the carrier settings update?
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    You can force it by going to settings....general......about......if it did not already update. You would see a pop up on your screen.

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