iPhone 7 Uses Same GPU as iPhone 6s

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Val-kyrie, Dec 3, 2016.

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    according to a tear down by the Linley Group. The article which is posted on wccftech states that PowerVR has not released a successor to the GT7600 in the iPhone 6s--sound familiar (*cough*Skylake with Iris Pro*cough*)? It is surmised the 50% increase in synthetic GPU benchmarks derives from an increase in the GPU's frequency, but is unsustainable for any length of time. There are other interesting observations concerning the lower rated performance of the PowerVR GT7600 vs the Adreno 530 GPU in the Snapdragon 820 and a statement that the mobile industry is moving away from the PowerVR architecture. I'm not sure what to make of every claim in the article, but it seems like Apple is being deceptive with its performance claims if this article is true.
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    Not deceptive, it does hit that 50% mark in a good amount of synthetics although there is some throttling. The GPU though is about the same in perf vs the Adreno 530 but it is noticeably more power efficient then the Adreno 530 .

    Oneplus 3 vs 7 Plus GFXbench database confirms this. Both use 1080p 5.5 Inch LCD panels, OP3 has 100 mAh bigger battery then 7 Plus, 7 Plus stilll last on average 70+ minutes longer then the OP3 in the endurance tests according to GFXbench database
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    Maybe deceptive through omission but not much more then that since you would have needed to use your own assumption it was better to begin with.

    The phone is blazing fast and in the iOS ecosystem not even a remotely a bottleneck whereas some COULD claim the opposite for their computer line. I said could in caps only because there are long tedious task (such as video encoding) that can display a measurable real world difference although even that could be tough without accounting for every single variable imaginable.

    The iPhones bottlenecks are superficial and due in part to devs needing to support older slower devices. Double edge sword when supporting older devices and requiring devs to adhere to that limitation.

    Lets be honest, it took a tear down of the phone to let you know this was even a thing.
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    On a positive note, it would seem the 6s and SE should have a similar if not the same support cycle as the 7 given the fact that all three use the same GPU and IIRC the same amount of RAM. I would call that a win for 6s and SE owners.

    Edit: is it likely that reports of lower battery life on the 7 compared to the 6s might be due to the fact that the gains in graphics performance are due to over locking rather than an increase in GPU efficiency? (Granted the A10 may consume more power)

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