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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by xRYD3Rx, Sep 25, 2016.

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    Jul 3, 2010
    Just got a new iPhone 7 Verizon model.
    Been stuck on 3G cant get it to change to LTE all other phones in the house are on LTE so the coverage is not the issue. Tried everything I can think of but still on 3G. Anyone has any suggestions or had this issue and has a fix? Please advise. Thanks.

    Currently updated to iOS 10.0.2
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    Mar 21, 2010
    Check Verizon thread regarding loss of service

    1. ok gentlemen, heres my report

      Before the above fix - this was the rundown
      • over the past week on my drive home, I've only seen 2-3 dots of LTE throughout 95% of my drive
      • the other 5% was a mix of full LTE, No Service, 1x/3G
      • tracking from one tower to the next seemed to have no obvious effect in relation to signal dots
      • at least once or twice, I would drop to 3G or No Service
      This was my 40 minute drive home tonight, after the fix
      • surface streets leading to the highway, phone refused to leave 2-3 dots of LTE, getting worried as this was status quo
      • hit the highway: phone properly tracked cell towers. as I approached them, signal went to full 5 dots of LTE
      • in between towers, it would drop to 3-4 dots of LTE
      • far stretches between towers, over long hills and heavy wooded areas, I saw 2-3 dots. it would go back to 4-5 as I approached the next cell site
      • places where my signal dropped to 3G/1x or No Service over the past few days, remained 4-5 dots of LTE
      • instances of 1x/3G: 0
      • instances of No Service: 0
      • 80% of the trip was spent at full 5 dots of LTE
      • 10% of the trip was spent at 3-4 dots (mostly right before hand off)
      • 10% of the trip was spent at 2 dots (far reaches in between)
      • 0% spent at 1 dot
      My steps to perform the "fix"
      1. on the phone, turn off LTE voice. leave it as data only
      2. turn off wifi calling under the phone settings menu (probably doesn't matter but did it anyways)
      3. log into your My Verizon account and turn off the HD Voice add on. (Manage products and apps > Manage your products) > click remove from account
      4. wait the specified 15-30 mins
      5. reset network settings on the phone
      6. once its time, go back into the account and add HD Voice back onto the account.
      7. turn on LTE Voice/Data again in the phone settings menu
      Ok folks, it seemed to work for me tonight. Lets pray this is it!!!!

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