IPhone 7 vs 7 Plus Camera

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by samkim4415, Jan 31, 2017.

  1. samkim4415 macrumors member

    Oct 12, 2016
    just had a question...Other than the dual lens camera being able to have people zoom in 2x and being able to do portrait mode....are the 7 and 7 plus cameras?

    Asking cuz I'm considering returning my plus cuz I don't use the 2x zoom and portrait mode at all but I do wish to take pictures and videos of a family event coming up.

    Should I go with the 7 if the camera is the same other wise than those 2 things?
  2. Relentless Power macrumors Penryn

    Relentless Power

    Jul 12, 2016
    The cameras Are the same. The dual camera has a 10x zoom, not 2x.

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