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Dec 14, 2016
Hello there,
I have been doubting on getting a new phone, because my Galaxy S6 I got a year ago is not having the same battery duration as before. I started looking arounf and I found the OnePlus 3T, with better battery life (at least in the especifications).

I was sure for buying it, but then my mother said: Why not getting a new one with a Vodafone discount? So I started thinking about an iPhone at a lower price.

Here's the deal: I don't know if I should get the iPhone 7 or the 7 Plus. I know the performance is much better on the iPhone, and I am looking forward on the battery. Is the iPhone 7 battery enough with a normal use? With a normal use I mean if I was a day (8 hours aprox.) without charging and running apps such as instagram, camera, music, safari and a time with a game, will a normal iPhone 7 be enough?


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Jul 3, 2010
7 plus

I went from iPhone 5 to 6S, then 7 plus. I at first thought the 6 plus and 6S plus were too big. Then I grew into the regular 6S, and comparing 7 plus in store, felt it became so small.

I think as you use it over time, it will feel less big to you and more normal. Until the next bigger phone comes out

The performance boost on the plus may not be noticeable in day to day, but it's nice to know you have that extra bit. The screen quality and density is really the selling point


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Apr 1, 2014
The camera and game will use the most battery, so if you do a lot of photos and games you might need the bigger battery. If you will be using the phone a lot for the 8 hours you will need the bigger battery, and maybe need to charge/add a battery pack.

If you occasionally use it then it will be fine with the smaller battery.

The plus has the 2nd camera which could be handy for certain photos.

You should be able to swap the phone if its within 14 days. You might be limited to a certain amount of talk time and/or data depending on the contract. Why not try the smaller one for a few days and then if you need more battery then swap to a bigger one?

A battery pack is close to the price difference between the two phones, and makes the phone thicker but smaller, which some people prefer.


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Jul 21, 2012
I'd opt for the plus but if you like the smaller size I'd get the 7 and get a battery pack, third party or the Apple one.


Feb 13, 2015
iPhone 7 Plus will be a better option with bigger 1080p display /1GB extra ram /longer battery life and the most famous feature of this year's iPhone the dual camera
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Dec 14, 2013
I vote for the 7+. For me the battery was night and day from my 6s. It's really incredible. The camera is going to good use and I'm noticing how nice certain landscapes come out.

The extra RAM helps when I'm really running too many apps (I get into a multitasking mode sometimes), I also think it was time for me to go back to a bigger phone. It really doesn't feel any heavier than my 6s. Not to me at least.


Jun 29, 2012
Colorado Springs USA for now
7 in the pocket and iPad Pro in the backpack. Best combo D:
What tiny pockets are you rocking? My 7+ fits in my pockets easily.

OP go with what you want but the 7+ will seem regular sized after a little bit of use. Like another poster said above.... When I pick up my wife's 7 it seems so small. Forget about picking up an old 5s/4s we have laying around.
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