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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by pgoelz, Mar 25, 2018.

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    Nov 20, 2017
    I'm a relatively new iPhone user with an SE. I love the size, the build, the long term support and the OS reliability. Nothing like it these days in the Android world. And it helps that I got it when Best Buy had them (locked to ATT for six months) for $149. However, I do find the screen a tad too small for comfortable web browsing so I'm considering switching to the iPhone 7. The 7 is about as physically big as I want to carry in my pocket and when I have tried one briefly a couple times, the screen seems fine for my use. But I am wondering.... does the higher pixel count actually yield more usable real estate vs. the SE or are things just a bit bigger. In other words, will web pages actually format differently than on the SE? And how does battery life compare with the SE (which in my experience is exceptional).

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    I have a 7+ so can't honestly answer your question. Try to find someone you know who owns a 7 and then you can do a side by side live comparison. I can tell you that my 7+ with the larger screen is not ideal for web browsing. That's why I purchased a 10.5" iPad Pro. ;)
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    Thanks to both of you.

    I should clarify.... I use a laptop for serious web browsing. I browse on my phone only when out and about and only then when I actually NEED to find something. That said, I have found that some web sites, even those formatted for mobile devices, are only marginally usable on the SE because some elements (like the keyboard) are big enough to cover essential areas. Hence my search for something a bit larger.

    Unfortunately, most "modern" phones are too big (too tall, actually) to fit comfortably in my pocket. The 7 seems about right.

    What would be REALLY cool would be a redesigned SE with a no-bezel screen (like the X)..... you could fit a 5" screen similar to my (slightly too tall) Nexus 5X onto a phone the size of the SE that way. Best of both worlds.

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    I would recommend stopping by an Apple store near you one day and checking out the display models yourself. Screen real estate is a highly subjective opinion, there are people who swear that anything smaller than the plus model is tiny and others expressing the complete opposite opinion with the same strength of conviction.
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    I thought my 5s was a great size (same size as a SE), and I love the 7 now.

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