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    Apr 18, 2011
    I switched from Galaxy Note 4 to verizon iphone 7 plus, anyway usually with my electronic purchases I buy extended warranty, sometimes it's just a waste of money, but most of the time it's a life saver.. anyways I'm dead set on buying extra protection beyond the standard apple warranty, I need some pros and cons on apple care, 3rd party (square trade) and carrier warranty (month to month), any info would help. it's too confusing for me at this point. Thank you!
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    Oct 15, 2015
    AppleCare without a doubt.

    Both SquareTrade and carrier insurance are a headache to deal with, will charge you a deductible regardless if you damaged the phone or not, and will only replace the phone with a ****** Refurbished phone that was made with non-Apple parts.

    Apple is easy to deal with, will only service your phone with genuine Apple parts, and only charge a service fee if you damage the phone yourself. Apple's accidental damage fee is also very low ($29 for screen and $99 for a full replacement) compared to other third party fees which can range to over $200.
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    I have to agree. Apple Care may seem like it adds to the expense of the purchase, but like the previous reply stated, you know you're getting genuine parts and Apple's customer service is second to none in my opinion.
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    Jan 5, 2011
    Applecare with doubt

    $130 (plus tax?*) before you even drop it. Then if you do, add on another $99 (plus tax?*). I'd be taking the gamble of not wasting your money. Been an iPhone user since 2009 and have never purchased applecare and have never wished that I had.

    If you have had a phone before and have looked after it well enough not to need the extended warranty, I'd use that as an indication as to whether you need the extended warranty on your next phone.

    *I'm assuming that you're American and I don't know if you add tax onto the cost of applecare.
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    ten-zero-eleven-zero-zero by zero-two
    I've heard this argument here before (there have been many discussion on MR about the value (or not) of AC+) and on the face of it your argument is sound.

    However, as I have said in some of the other arguments, consider that not everyone can afford to replace a device without insurance and that not everyone has the luxury of having a credit card that has buyer protection. Yes I know, you never mentioned anything about CC buyer protection. I am just adding that in.

    A couple of years ago I was in that position. It was worth it to me to purchase AC+ even if I never needed it. Being able to know that if something happened I could still afford a replacement AND to make the rent and pay the bills was a genuine feeling of security.

    The usual counter to my statement is that if I couldn't afford to cover these kinds of calamities that perhaps I should have never bought such an expensive device in the first place. My counter argument to that is that some of us out there use certain financial allocations to fund purchases such as this. Our tax refund for instance.

    The next argument is that I should be focusing on paying for my needs instead of using my tax refund for these kinds of things. That always gets me because it assumes that I HAVEN'T taken care of those needs first and am using whatever is left.

    Now, I am not accusing you of thinking anything like this. I'm just presenting my thoughts about why I believe AC+ is worth the investment - at least for some.
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    I charged it on my mastercard but I don't know how it will come to play when the phone is on DPP for VZW. I got the phone $24.65/24mos no trade in required. Thanks for the reply so far I'm leaning towards AC+, Also I haven't had a catastrophic failure or accidental damage on my 10+ yrs of using smartphone if that helps.
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    Just throwing this out.

    A friend of mine has Asurion insurance through AT&T. Her kid tossed it in the toilet and after paying a $200 deductible, they sent her a replacement iPhone about a month ago. Her battery was acting up (shows 100% until it dies suddenly) so she took it to Apple when i brought mine in (my story later). They wouldn't touch it because it was missing the screws and had a 3rd party display. They suggested taking it to AT&T. AT&T says not their problem, even though she pays monthly premiums. I get that part, but wish they could do something other than saying TS. Asurion gave her hassle on the phone for 45 minutes before agreeing to send her a new phone. They couldn't confirm if it was brand new or newly refurbished with junk. 4-5 days until it's here or she could've paid $15 for rush.

    Now my phone. I have AppleCare+. Battery was pretty much consumed and only lasting about an hour with use. Apple replaced the battery with no charge in 2 hours. I have 2 months left on AppleCare+.

    To me, a lot better deal.
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    Dec 14, 2013
    I'm all for AppleCare+ but I use my carriers insurance. My reasoning? It's about 80% more likely that it'll be stolen along with my purse or lost somewhere. I've only ever had one damaged phone out of the 30+ I've had over the last 5 years. However, I've had my whole purse stolen (Thankfully a really awesome security guard stopped them before they made it out of Wal-Mart) and could have had a major dilemma.
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    Screen replacement with AppleCare + is only $29 not $99

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