iPhone 8(+) iPhone 8/Plus/X speaker crackling/Horrible business behavior

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  1. 0385689, Feb 14, 2018
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    Feb 14, 2018
    This happens to a lot of people's 8/X and they're just not aware of it.
    I have personally been abused by AppleCare Tier 2 Customer Relations.

    Steps to Reproduce:
    Listen to Apple music and multitask: scroll in Twitter, type in messages, etc.
    “4 pics 1 word” app.

    The crackling noise you manage to reproduce will not be in any previous iPhones or any iPads. It only happens to the 8, 8 plus, and X.


    Jump to 2:17

    You wanna press the keys really fast.

    Apple's been aware of the issue since November if not earlier.
    It happens when you're multitasking. A popping sound will occur.
    It has nothing to do with the speaker or receiver.
    Apple has confirmed that it is a hardware issue, as seen in the pictures attached.

    My own speculation and intuition and experience suggests:
    It has to do with the Power Management unit, which cannot distinguish the amount of electricity it sends out. So when you're multitasking and needs more processing power, it sends out a huge current to every part of the device. That current can successfully break other hardware pieces. It's costed me one pair of EarPods and the receiver of the phone.
    Affected units will also have an overheating issue with a shorter battery life, because of how it's electrocuting A11 as well.
    They're using different suppliers for the PMU. And some of them are faulty.
    Because of its cause, this issue will not go away if you simply replace the speakers or whatnot. It also happens with the EarPods, because of the same reason. It doesn't happen through bluetooth at all, which proves the innocence of the DAC.
    It happens when you're multitasking. A software patch is not possible without compromising the device's capabilities.
    They're refusing to service my device. They're refusing to admit the issue, so they can keep profiting. But if it either were a software issue or a speaker issue, it would have been fixed a long time ago. Their stores and geniuses aren't even aware of it. Think about that.
    From Canada, the only country Her Majesty is proud of.

    To add to all that, Apple claims that because it merely could be a "software issue" they don't have to warrant it.
    Not only do they have to warrant it, they have to do it in due time. And they've failed exactly that, with evidence suggesting they haven't acted to attempt to resolve the issue (replacing devices) when they clearly know that it is a hardware failure. That broke their own warranty.
    The Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act of the USA defines "implied warranty" and prohibits disclaiming it at all.
    Like a microwave would be able to cook food. A window would be able to open and close. You can't sell a window and give me a piece of pure glass and then tell me "software." Or expected behaviour. Or you can fix this yourself ha!
    Apple clearly states on their website iOS is "The world’s most advanced mobile operating system." and Android does not have this problem.
    They state the speakers are, compared to 7, "up to 25 percent louder and deliver deeper bass." Which means better.
    They've broken the law for sure.
    But what if I know it's a software issue (it isn't) and couldn't fix it? Refund in full. Cuz that's the law.
    Since they haven't done it in due time or resolved it at all, they would have to issue a refund. Because again, software is under warranty by Congress laws. Apple is ruled by the Law. You either fix it/replace it/or refund it. Apple will be facing class lawsuits for refunding those iPhones in full price. Because they haven't resolved it yet. Can't wait to see that.
    With all that, CR tier 2 said "refund is not an option, you only have 14 days."
    Yeah right.
    Also, the fact that they confirmed a hw issue on Feb 1 to me and haven't told consumers to replace or do anything is deceptive behaviours. I haven't found the law just yet. But if there is one, it would be somewhere around fraud/scam or something else criminal.
    Don't worry. They won't be jailed. cuz they can afford bail.
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    Thank you for posting.
    Been fighting this battle with Apple since 8 came out.

    Interesting what you said about Ear Pods. Mine have become very buggy..not connecting and even had a call drop when switching to them from regular speaker today.
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    What is your best guess of % affected?
    I’m on fifth device and ALL have had/have the issue.
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    A question that needs to be asked... countless reviewers of these phones never experienced this issue. Either they didn’t actually test or ...concealing. I can think of several popular ‘review’ sites that won’t address the issue.
  3. 0385689, Feb 14, 2018
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    Feb 14, 2018
    Sorry didn't see this.
    DK the %. But i can say early adopters of this device likely don't have this issue for both the X and the 8 Plus. It's more often with the later productions. IDK why.
    And that's exactly why the reviewers haven't said anything about it. Cuz they would not have experienced it.
    But based on literally how calm the entire market is, it would affect less than 30%-40% of devices. Probably less. although most consumers kinda don't notice or just let it pass.
    I had 5 replacements for a) enclosure b) lightning port c) overheating and other issues. Out of the 6 phones, 4 of them do NOT have this issue at all. Only the later/last 2 did catch the flu. So I think the time kinda does play into it.
    They'll probably replace your device if they can confirm a hw issue in store, for the EarPods. But no one can guarantee the new d is good.
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    I do wanna say a lot of YouTube reviewers do use the iPhone as their daily driver. MKBHD Austin etc.
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    This issue is so annoying it's on my recently repaired MBP a little bit too. Less so cuz it's a bigger device.
    They really should ditch certain suppliers of the PMUs. They probably adapted them cuz they were cheap or something.
    You can't not pay enough money and not invest in QC and then expect good-qualitied products.
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    No need to get rid of Tim, Apple will recover and be just fine.
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    Feb 14, 2018
    Cannot agree.

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