iPhone 8 render - without changing aspect ratio

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by bbowser12, Jul 26, 2017.

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    IMG_3318.JPG IMG_3317.JPG My opinions on what will be:

    Firstly, the top will be a black bar, which I'm guessing you just didn't bother to do in your render since you are focused on the bottom. Anyway, the top will be a black bar which will blend the cutout into the display bar due to its being OLED. The top left and right corners will not house the status bar elements (as they are now), because there is not enough space in them to do so. The status bar will be directly below the cutout, in a single line, inside the black bar. The left and right portions will be used for new content/status elements, and be dynamic based on location in the OS and based on the app. When playing a game in landscape, the top left and right portions could be used for controls (as you suggest, and I have in the past). The same goes for watching a movie or video in landscape; controls/info off the screen. We know this top area will be black because it's absolutely the only intelligent way to handle the cutout in the display.

    Due to the fact that we know the top will be a black bar, this also means the bottom will have a perpetual black bar. Why? Because Apple's follows symmetrical design, and because there has to be an area for the Home Button in perpetuity anyway, and that area might as well be mostly off pixels, rather than a drawn-on virtual Home Button resting in a translucent dock-type function area. This bottom bar will be the 'Home Bar' wherein it's functionality is the perpetual known Home Button functionality, joined with dynamic info/touch zones which change depending on the location in the OS, the app, and landscape/portrait mode, just like the top 'Status Bar'.

    The Status Bar, and Home Bar will be perpetually black bars with elements within them, as you alluded to, similar to the Touchbar. They will be symmetrical and the main display area between them will retain the 16:9 (or roughly) aspect ratio.

    The thing I'm not confident about is how they will implement the Home Button functionality coupled with the dynamic aspects of the Home Bar. I believe the only way to use the dynamic screen to its maximum benefit would be to tell users that presses anywhere in the bottom black bar = Home Button presses, so you can press directly on any current dynamic info, and it would act as a Home Button press, while taps can activate things here. What I do know is that Apple isn't going to draw a virtual Home Button on the display at all times. That would be incredibly redundant, wasteful, and distracting.

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