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    Following are the e-mails received from both iTunes and AT&T when activating the iPhone.
    The data on the order and content of these e-mails is based on contributions from other forum posters and my personal experiences.

    If you've received an e-mail that I haven't listed, please post below (and include where in the order you received it).

    The order and e-mails you receive may differ slightly, but this should be a reasonable indicator of where you are in the process.

    Key is as follows:
    V=Received when transferring from Verizon
    E=Received when error has occurred
    A=Received by practically all users

    Your phone number transfer requires 24 hours to complete (V)
    From: <iPhone_Activation_Support@att.com>

    AT&T is now processing your activation (A, V)
    From: iTunes Store <do_not_reply@apple.com>

    E-mails that list any errors in the activation process are commonly sent now, after the first two e-mails above.

    Additional information required to activate your iPhone (E)
    From: <iPhone_Activation_Support@att.com>

    "Rate plan not compatible with iPhone" (E)
    From: <iPhone_Activation_Support@att.com>


    Transfering Your Mobile Number (V)
    From: iTunes Store <do_not_reply@apple.com>

    Service Activation Complete / Activation Complete (A, V)
    From: iTunes Store <do_not_reply@apple.com>

    Mobile Number Transfer Complete
    From: iTunes Store <do_not_reply@apple.com>

    Thanks for registering your iPhone. (A, V)
    From: Apple <News@InsideApple.Apple.com>

    If you received the above e-mails in a different order, or if you transferred a phone from Sprint, T-Mobile, or another carrier and received the same/different e-mails, please post below so I can update the information above.
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    Common Questions Relating to the E-mails:

    Where is my Activation ID?
    Your activation ID can be found at the bottom of most e-mails from iPhone Activation Support (iPhone_Activation_Support@att.com)
    Any e-mails from the iTunes Store (do_not_reply@apple.com) do not seem to contain the activation ID.​

    Where can I call for help?
    Users have posted the following numbers for iPhone Activation Support:
    1-877-419-4500 (displayed at the bottom of many activation errors that appear in iTunes)
    1-877-800-3701 (included in most error e-mails from AT&T)​

    I haven't received any e-mails and it has been <x> hours!
    Several users have reported e-mails being redirected to their spam/junk mail folders.

    Please check there and, if you are worried, add the following addresses to your address book/white list:

    Also, some users have reported only receiving the "Activation Complete" e-mail.

    If you have any others to add, please let me know!
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    earth, long beach CA to be exact
    make sure you guys check your bulk/spam folders too

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