iPhone activation


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Aug 20, 2013
So I am lucky enough to have ordered and have a November 3rd delivery date. I have a question regarding the activation. When mine is delivered, depending on the time, I will try to run home from work to get it. If I go back to work and make a hotspot with my existing 6 can I restore my new phone from an iCloud backup? If I do this will it use up my data 1 for 1? I mean that if I have a 20gigs on my phone will it use up 20gigs of data?

I have usually waited until I got off and connected it to my computer.



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Apr 7, 2012
Just wait until you have a solid wifi connection at home, don't blow through all of your wireless data restoring.


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Sep 11, 2008
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Yes it will use your data. But I believe apps are no longer included in backups, just app data is backed up. if you use iCloud and have iCloud photo, this will download after your phone is restored too, not come from the backup.

You do run the risk of using a lot of your data though, depending how big your backup is and what is backed up.